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My Services

What I Provide

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Virtual Reiki Healing Sessions

At Your Convenience

45 Minute Virtual Reiki Healing Session.

Virtual Tarot Card Reading

At Your Convenience

I have been reading Tarot cards since I was a teenager. I am still surprised by the insights they can  provide. Click the button below to book a reading with me. Each reading lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Essential Oil Consultation

Personalized Health and Wellness 
1 Hour Consultation

I am a certified essential oil specialist. During these consultations, I can advise you as to what essential oils will work best given your particular health concerns and how to use them safely. I will create an outlined list with instructions and a daily routine that will then be e-mailed to you.

Free Discovery Call

20 Minutes

Schedule a Free 20 minute discovery call with me to discuss how I can best serve you.

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Reiki Healing Sessions


I offer in person Reiki healing sessions out of the Acupuncture Center on Staten Island. Each session lasts approximately an hour.

Essential Oil Treatment

Healing Touch Application

This is a special essential oil application process. The essential oils used change according to the mental or physical ailment that you want to address. This treatment can only be done in person and lasts approximately 40 minutes.

The Wheel of the Year 

Monthly Newsletter Subscription

At Your Convenience

This monthly subscription is through Substack and includes an exploration of the pagan calendar and living in flow with the natural world.

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