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Welcome to my website! Below are some of the FREE resources that I offer. 

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Getting to the Root: The Advantages of Natural Pain Management

This is a recorded version of my free masterclass which discusses the advantages of holistic health practices over traditional pain management. I discuss some of the techniques that I have used to successfully lessen and manage my chronic pain and stress.


YouTube Channel

Check out my YouTube channel! I am creating a free library of videos on everything from essential oils to divination tools. Don't forget to click "Like" and "Subscribe"!


Nelum: Writing by Toniann Astuto

This is a link to my free writing on Substack which includes my poetry, short stories, and articles.

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Introduction to Chakras Doc.

This is a brief introduction to Chakras and their corresponding attributes, crystals, and essential oils.

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Essential Oils: Creating A Healthy Life Naturally

This e-book includes an introduction to essential oils and their usage, plus DIY recipes for creating your own all-natural and affordable cleaning and beauty products.

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